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Avoid those three points and a fine

With the recent change in the law regarding the use of a mobile phone in a motor vehicle, it’s never been more important to be hands free. A £60.00 fine and three points on your driving license can soon add up, leading to higher insurance or even a disqualification.

As accredited installers for Parrot, Nokia, iO and Novero kits you can rest assured that your needs will be catered for to the exacting standards that are required to be approved by Europe’s leading hands free kit manufacturers.

The Parrot range of hands free systems feature the UK’s best selling kit, the CK3100. Featuring full phonebook transfer and voice command functions to keep you safe and legal.

The MKi range of kits from Parrot include all the features of the entry level systems but with the ability to play music through your existing audio system from either an iPod, iPhone or any portable music device.

As a world leader in telecommunications, Nokia offer some of the best equipped hands free systems. A range including the CK100, CK300 and CK600 give you the option of a basic kit right through to the most advanced system in the range.



The CC9060crystal is an equivalent kit to the Parrot CK3100 but with the added feature of a removable touch screen control panel, for if security is high on your list.

Also in the range from THBury are the CC9060 and CC9060music. Both kits are identical featuring a removable, full colour touch screen control panel and unique voice control system. But with the CC9060music there is also the added feature of a 3.5mm socket and an iPod/iPhone connecting cable for music streaming through your existing audio system.

Novero and iO systems
Both the Novero Truly and Trusty systems are relatively new to the market but both feature unique options not available elsewhere. Music streaming wirelessly from your mobile phone and dual handset connectivity make these kits perfect for the user with more than one handset in use at any one time.

The iO Play and iO Talk kits are competitively priced but come with wireless music streaming from your mobile phone or iPod through the existing audio system. A perfect solution for both hands free use and portable music playing on a budget.

And when the time comes to return or change your vehicle, your aftermarket hands free system can be removed leaving no damage at all, and then refitted to your replacement vehicle. Meaning that the investment you made to get you safe and legal can continue to do so for many years.

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